The document management features you need


One place for everything

Document management isn’t all about paper. etfile is a robust content management software that simplifies file sharing of all types of paper and electronic content. Office software documents, spreadsheets, presentations, CAD drawings, and more are in one secure place for your entire business to share – in-house and from offices anywhere in the world. Streamline data storage, stimulate online collaboration and reduce paper-related costs with this secure storage solution.

It’s a snap to scan documents

Document scanning and invoice scanning just got smarter. And file sharing and retrieval just got easier. With various methods of scanning documents including barcoding, zonal OCR and front-end methods etfile automatically sends the file to the right place in the system’s central repository. Or import your contact lists into etfile and they will automatically get indexed to a specific contact. Organize, index and retrieve customer information fast. Also, share scanned documents with customers through a secure portal you can create in etfile.

No more lost emails

Stop searching for “lost” emails. Save email securely in the etfile central repository where any authorized user can quickly retrieve it. etfile integrates with all of the popular email applications as well as archives and indexes email with customer contact records. Save time with faster and easier email retrieval and file sharing – and never lose an email again.

A customer destination

Offering better customer service and becoming more efficient in the process. Give customers their own self-service portal within etfile so they can access documents any time of the day or night – and reduce the number of phone calls and emails that take you away from core tasks. Easily integrate it with your web site and personalize it with your brand. Plus, built-in automatic notifications will let your customers know when critical documents are available through automatic notifications.

Find it faster

Don’t get up. Just click. etfile makes it easier than ever to retrieve all of the documents you need quickly for meetings, reports, audits, and more. Search the secure central repository by keywords and find documents, spreadsheets, email, drawings, presentations, and all other files related to a specific customer contact or project. No more searching through file cabinets and storage rooms. No more shared LAN drives that are vulnerable to security breaches. Just click – and reinvest the money you save on document storage in future business growth.

Go mobile

Take your paperless office with you with etfile On-Demand Lite. Stay productive and keep your business running efficiently 24/7. It’s a content management system that lets you retrieve, review and email files from the central repository through your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, tablets, and other popular mobile devices.

Works with your current systems

etfile works the way your business does. Whether you use SalesForce, Microsoft Office, or any other popular business application, etfile integrates with them seamlessly. Archive, index, and retrieve all of your contact records and related documents for each integrated application in the etfile central repository so you can keep up with your business anywhere, any time.

Automated Workflow Manager

Literally see the benefits of a paperless business with automated workflows in flowcharts. And you don’t have to change your current workflow unless you want to. Visually track straight line processes, analyze project progress with business intelligence in etfile reports. Then drill down to individual users to see how fast the work is moving, how long it takes them and identify any workflow gaps or bottlenecks. etfile workflows cannot be altered so you eliminate user error that can cause project delays. And it’s all easy to do with just a few clicks.

Advanced Analytics

Get smarter about workflow management. Advanced business analytics in etfile lets you know what’s really going on in your business. Run customized reports on users, folders, clients and more. Easily pull in data from CRM and other core systems. Find the bottlenecks and the weak links, as well as the people and processes that work most efficiently. etfile visually keeps track of everything in your automated workflows and gives you the business intelligence to support better business decisions.